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Espresso Blend, Medium-dark Roast

Espresso Blend, Medium-dark Roast

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Espresso Blend is a medium-dark roast coffee that features a masterful blend of beans from Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. This carefully crafted blend results in a complex and elegant espresso roast that is perfect for those seeking a bold and full-bodied coffee. With notes of dark chocolate, black currant, and a touch of citrus, Espresso blend is a coffee that is sure to impress. Whether enjoyed as a morning pick-me-up or a mid-day treat, this coffee is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the rich flavors and aromas of high-quality, specialty coffee.

Espresso Blend - Medium-Dark Roast

Origin: East Africa ( Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia)

Great blend of coffee from East Africa. An Elegant, Full-bodied Espresso Roast.

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